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Working Papers 

Enunciation and argumentation: proposals for the analysis of personal forms as argumentative resources in orality

Federico Testoni 174-193

From irony to sarcasm: an aproximation to Spanish parliamentary discourse

Eva Martínez Díaz194-216

Press releases after forty years of the last coup d'etat in Argentina

Julia Zullo 217-236

Interlocutive management of the social image of Dominican migrant women in Comodoro Rivadavia

Julieta del Prato 237-261


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ASICE - Programa EDICE, ASICE - International Association for Communication Studies in Spanish

Texts in Process (TEP) publishes materials that show theoretical reflections, methodological or partial research results. The publication is proposed as an agile channel for the dissemination of preliminary results of an ongoing research project. In particular, TEP disseminates texts that provide thematic, theoretical, empirical and terminological initiatives within the area of pragmatics, sociopragmatics and sociocultural pragmatics.

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